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March 28, 2007




Mr. Obama is very close to closing the sale!
It is getting tough out there, so we have to be much tougher!

Mr. Obama still needs all of our help to close the sale as much as possible!
We can help Obama win this, but that is up to us!
Put your mind to it and it can be done!
Gotta nail those remaining tossups especially Florida, Virginia, and Pennsylvania! Listen to Mr. Rendell! He needs your support too to get Barack to win this thing!

We must go out there and really vote for him! The electoral has Obama at 264, 6 more to go needed! We gotta seal the deal! This election is too important and the future depends on it.
We gotta get Barack to that finish line!
It is up to us! YES WE CAN! The future depends on it!
We must work hard with gusto thru these next two weeks!
Go to the polls and vote!
He needs every vote possible!
Go for the gold for Obama! He did this is about us, this is entirely up to us!
Get out the vote, can't stress that enough!
We can't afford another 4 yrs of Bush for sure!
Thank you
Obama/Biden 2008
The future is now! Obama is that future!
Let's help him become the next U.S president!
This is probably the most important time in entire life!

roulette en ligne

Ce fut effectivement ce que je cherchais, et je suis heureux de venu ici! Merci pour le partage des informations avec nous. Merci pour le blog sympa. Bonne lecture.

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